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I am available to consult on a number of topics. I have over 5 years of experience as a K-8 Science educator in both school and summer program settings as well as 5 years experience as K-8 Technology Teacher and I currently teach 9th graders in a Technology Elective. I hold a Master’s Degree as an Instructional Technology Specialist. I also have experience presenting at a number of conferences, including ISTE and PETE&C, #140edu as well as the virtual Reform Symposium Conference. I have run PD sessions for staff at my school on subjects ranging from using an Interactive Whiteboard to creating a wiki and I have done one-on-one instructional technology coaching with teachers.

Consultation can range from a simple Skype chat to a virtual meeting or workshop or a face to face workshop. I can also prepare customized units or lessons for use by your staff. If you are interested in any of the ideas offered below or would like to create your own, customized workshop, please use the form at the bottom of the page.

Using Social Media to Build Your School Brand

I can work with administrators and district leaders to build a social media presence for schools and districts and to build a ‘brand’ for your organization that will engage parents and the community and express the mission and vision of your organization.

Using Social Media to Connect with Families

Many parents and caregivers use social media tools to keep up with the weather, news and even traffic updates. Learn how to maximize social media to engage families with school events, updates and initiatives.

Using Social Media in the Classroom

Teachers can leverage social media tools to connect with students, share resources and create and collect assignments. Through tools like blogging and ‘walled garden’ course management systems, teachers can create meaningful learning platforms that students enjoy using. I can get your teachers started with using these tools to enhance their instruction and to create authentic learning experiences for their students.

Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Teachers sit at many different levels across the technology integration spectrum. Some are ready to jump in, some only want to dip their toes in and some are not even ready to put on their swimsuit. I can help your instructional team develop a professional development and coaching plan that will help get your teachers swimming with technology integration. For more about my perspective on technology integration, you can read my Edutopia post.

Integrating Technology with the Common Core

The Common Core is coming down the line in most states. Is your school ready for the transition? How will your current technology use translate with this new curriculum? What kinds of adjustments will you have to make in instruction, data collection and assessment using technology? I can work with schools and districts to begin to map out what technology integration will look like during and after the transition.

Making the Switch

My experience working with schools in the process of transitioning from no technology to having teacher laptops, interactive whiteboard and/or netbook carts can provide insight and support for guiding teachers toward the necessary shifts in pedagogy and methodology in their classrooms and help reluctant staff embrace the changes and new tools at their disposal.

Planning for Technology

One of the most important things a school can do is map out a strategic plan for technology integration. The plan I co-wrote at my school was approved by the State and was awarded E-Rate money. My experience can help schools think strategically about new hardware purchases, maintenance of existing hardware, professional development, data management and teaching and learning with technology.

Understanding Social Media and Creating Meaningful Guidelines for Schools

What does the term “social media” really encompass? How can schools avoid embarrassing situations or overcome fears and still be able to leverage social media for learning? What kinds of policies, if any, should schools and districts have in place? Using my experience writing Acceptable Use Policies and with helping mold school policies, I can help schools and districts answer these important questions.

Digital Citizenship

With the new E-Rate rules, schools must prove that they are teaching Digital Citizenship? But how to teachers fit this instruction into their already busy days? What are the most effective ways to teach Digital Citizenship and what are the most important topics to cover? I can offer materials, resources, lesson plans and consultation for effective Digital Citizenship instruction for all students K-12.

Internet Research

Our students live in a world of information overload. I can provide specific strategies for teachers to help make guiding students through the process of research more effective and successful. This includes forming quality research questions, creating effective search terms, evaluating sources, organizing information, proper citation and creating meaningful artifacts of learning.


As teachers begin to integrate technology into their classroom and their instruction. the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards are a great guide. I will work with your staff to help them better understand the various NETS Standards and how they apply to what they are already doing in their classroom.

Starting a Robotics Program at Your Elementary School

I can share my knowledge of what it takes to start a LEGO Robotics club or class at your elementary school. I currently run an all girls robotics club after school for girls in grades 5-7. I can share fundraising ideas, help build a fundraising campaign, guide the implementation process and provide tips for successful and appropriately challenging teaching techniques.

Hands-on, Inquiry-Based Science

With years of experience facilitating inquiry-based Science lessons, I can give your staff first-hand experience with methods and pedagogy to implement student-centered, authentic Science activities. I can also provide strategies for linking Science across content areas, for unpacking Science standards, and for integrating technology into Science lessons.


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  1. Good morning,

    I am in your room right now! Kids are here having lunch, I am checking out your blog – loving it. In addition to being a per diem sub for the district (looking for full time next year) I also serve as the co-president of the parents group at Kearny Elementary in Northern Liberties. I would LOVE to talk you about “Using Social Media to connect families”. We have been tossing around the idea of a texting platform, but haven’t found one that’s free! know anything? Also would love to hear about Robotics clubs. We are currently working with an advisory board to transition to an arts-focused magnet middle school at Kearny for Fall 2015 – would love to be grooming out students for SLA @ Beeber!

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