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I have presented at a number of conferences, mostly on the topic of technology in education.


I presented to a packed house at the annual PETE&C conference on the topic of Building the Ideal Computer Lab Curriculum.

It was a hands-on, hour long session, attended by computer lab teachers from all over the K-12 spectrum. We created this wiki:


This is an online presentation from the Reform Symposium‘s 3rd annual online conference in 2011.

Teaching With Video Games in Mind


This presentation was from edcamp Philly 2011. I co-presented with Kristin Hokansen. It was created using Google Docs by the session attendees.

Literacy in the 21st Century


This is a similar presentation created at the Tri-State Educational Technology Conference in 2010. Session participants used Google Docs to create the slides.


A presentation on best practices for tech integration from the first annual Reform Symposium online conference.

It’s Not the Tool, It’s How You Use It


This is a presentation for parents at my school during our Technology Night. It was a great conversation.

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