I’ve been thinking more and more about how little time I spend on Twitter as I used to. Sure, I check in now and again and have it running in the background sometimes, but it’s nothing like my first year, where I hung on every tweet and wondered about what I was missing when I couldn’t be online.

Slowly, this feeling has changed. Maybe it’s because I’ve built a dependable network. Maybe it’s because I’ve matured as a learner and as a sharer of ideas. Maybe it’s because, like with any new technology, Twitter has lost its sparkle.

Don’t get me wrong. I value my network on Twitter. I am always speaking of its virtues. I just use it differently now.

For nothing more than some old fashioned fun, here is a little graph called The Twitter “Wow” Factor.

4 Thoughts on “The Twitter “Wow” Factor”

  • Mary Beth,
    Been thinking the same thoughts lately. I actually tried to read every tweet when I started. This summer in particular, I have watched my use decrease drastically and focus more on my family-a good thing. I also have no time so far for twitter At my new job. I don’t miss it and it is still there when I want it.

    • Mike, I agree that re-focusing has been a really good thing for me. It’s all about priorities, and family and loved ones come first!

  • Just a thought; as a working mother who deals with shift work every two weeks from my husband, writing individual education plans at home and trying to still enjoy the outdoors…I am tryig to encorporate Twitter into lesssons in my classrooms. Even though resources are limited for students..many of them use the social networks such as Twitter and facebook. I am hesitant about FB becasue you “visually share” a lot, as for Twitter..simple words and kids that have learning disabilities like that you can abbriviate things. Therefore, in order for me to get back into the swing of things..if I put my students in the equation..it forces me back into the “tweeting” so I can reflect on my day personally but also encorporate the cherubs I am guiding now in life. You are doing great things MArybeth..stay focused and thanks for eeping it real! (Jennie..Camp Girard..missing your dreadlocks!! 😉

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