Dec 052010

I am honored to have been nominated for an Edublog award.

I also deeply regret not having completed my nomination post in time!

There are a TON of amazing blogs, groups and people nominated this year, so please take the time to vote.

I also want to extend my gratitude on behalf of the Edcamp Philly team for our nomination for Best Educational Use of a Social Network.  We are humbled.

Please take the time to vote for ALL of the nominated categories here:

  2 Responses to “Thank you….”

  1. Congratulations on another well-deserved nomination and thanks for all that you share with your PLN!

  2. Congratulations! As someone who is a newbie to edtech, blogs like yours and a few others have been extremely helpful in learning the ropes and becoming a part of a community (via Twitter).

    I look forward to more posts and connecting!


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